About us In English

Angorarabbittours is our family business. We have tended angora rabbits since 2009 and currently have about 70 purebred English angora rabbits. Our main business is breeding purebred angora rabbits for sale as well as angora wool products and yarn.
Angoora küülik Öör
Starting in the spring of 2014 we opened for tourism. We offer tours where people can see a fully operating rabbit farm including the process of making angora yarn; from shearing the rabbits to spinning the wool using the old traditional spinner.
Our little gift shop has a wide variety of souvenirs, wool for felting, yarn for knitting and all kinds of finished knitwear to choose from.
angoora lõngad 053
Angorarabbittours welcomes visitors 365 days per year.
Appointments are necessary.
Please call the hostess Airi Poll directly: + 372 56 501 119 or email her at: airihiiekivi@gmail.com
We are looking forward to your visit!

Airi and Tarmo Poll